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To Confront Climate Change, Progressives Are Coming for Your Lifestyle

Conservatives are having none of it

On August 1, the ban against incandescent light bulbs took effect. That LEDs (light emitting diodes) now cost little more than Thomas Edison's creation of the late 1800s, last years longer than incandescents, and require far less power such that $3 billion a year is expected to vanish from American consumers' utility bills — none of that holds weight among conservatives who were appalled that article illustration
Farewell to an historic invention
with the stroke of a pen President Biden had simply decreed the end of incandescents by executive order.

"No law was actually passed anywhere…Congress did not vote. There was no consensus for any such thing. A staple consumer item has disappeared from store shelves everywhere",

wrote David Lanza at "American Thinker". But if the progressives' green dream wins out, the loss of “that ineffable and as yet irreplaceable glow” produced by incandescent bulbs, as Tom Scocca rhapsodized in New York magazine, is only a modest beginning. The crusade to do away with fossil fuels has a long list of sacrifices planned for our future.

Foremost is the nearly-mandated conversion to electric vehicles. As with light bulbs, the Biden administration has set pollution standards for new cars and trucks so high that as soon as 2027 67% of a carmaker's production will need to be EVs for the overall gas consumption of its fleet to meet the standards. Biden's goal is net-zero emissions by 2050. article illustration
For that to happen, research outfit BloombergNEF says the last internal combustion vehicle must roll off the assembly line by 2038. California Governor Gavin Newsome is ahead of even that, having banned the sale of gasoline-powered cars in California starting in 2035.

Conservatives seethe at the notion that choice can simply be taken away from we the people. They can perhaps take heart that a multitude of logistical challenges stand in the way —…

2020 election

How to Deprogram a Cultist Who Thinks 2020 Election Was Stolen

Almost three years on, as many as two-thirds of Republicans still believe Donald Trump won the 2020 election and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

In spite of that, in the first Republican debate just concluded, the question wasn't even asked whether the candidates agree or disagree. Fox News, which conducted the debate, was protecting them from having to answer.

A television reporter said this week she had met people "all the time on the road article illustration
throughout Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire" and in every conversation found that "it comes down to the central kernel which is that they believe that Trump won the 2020 election". They believe it because Donald Trump told them so and right-wing media had no compunctions about promoting the Big Lie to engender the worst schism in the American republic since the Civil War.

The believers typically cited one or another anecdote as proof (for them) of a conspiracy to subvert the election in Biden's favor: What about the suitcase of ballots brought out from under a table in Atlanta to be counted at night after other election workers had gone home? Why did an 18-wheeler filled with ballots travel from Long Island into Pennsylvania? How to explain another ballot-filled truck pulling into the Detroit counting center in the pre-dawn hours after the election? Three of several stories traded around social media as somehow proving a fraudulent election. The conspiracy-minded looked no further and locked onto these tales. They of course assumed, however nonsensically, that all such ballots, if they existed at all, had to be votes for Biden, none for Trump. It seemed never to have occurred to the millions who fell for this that these random anecdotes failed to cohere into any sort of consistent plot…

trump indictments

The January 6 Case Against Donald J. Trump

To anyone who followed the events between the 2020 election and January 6, 2021, the notion that it would be difficult to prove Donald J. Trump guilty of multiple crimes against the country is ludicrous. The story teems with plots to overthrow the election of Joe Biden. The man attempted to end American constitutional democracy in the most treasonous act against the United States since secession.

And yet the three statutes that Special Counsel Jack Smith enumerated in his target letter to Trump — conspiracy, witness tampering, deprivation of rights — seem timid. But as attorneys speculate on what events they likely refer to, they take on some gravity, so it's wait and see. In the meantime, below we spin out the back stories behind each.

statute #1: conspiracy and the fake electors

There is some agreement that "conspiracy" will expand to "conspiracy against the United States" and that Smith has shown particular interest in the "fake elector" scheme.

The state legislatures were to send "slates" of electors to Congress on…

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article illustration
John Darkow Columbia Missourian


Who Are the New Right and What Do They Have in Store for Us?

Right off, we can't proceed without attempting a definition of "New Right", a term you perhaps have heard of but probably know little further, not least because, like antifa, it isn't a formal organization and has no consistent doctrine, other than a strident discontent with how things have turned out.

Mostly they are a well-educated élite who The New Republic identified as "radical young intellectuals", many of them PhDs, article illustration
Art by Brian Stauffer for Vanity Fair

with a wildly diverse set of political viewpoints that run from Marxists to monarchists, and yet looking to Donald Trump as the right man for the moment.

The new Republicans are the populist inversion of their pro-business, free-market predecessors. For them, woke corporations, big tech, leftist media, and the academic élite control everything "from your smartphone to the money supply to your third grader’s curriculum", as culture commentator David Brooks put it. The worship of free markets has allowed the runaway growth of big tech companies and other left-tilting corporations that through apps and social media dominate the culture while their free-trade dogma has exported jobs in the millions devastating working class communities.

At a National Conservatism Conference (NatCon) that Brooks attended, firebrand Rachel Bovard railed against "woke elites" for "dominating every cultural, intellectual, and political institution.” The enemy is the left-wing…

"the totalitarian cult of billionaires and bureaucrats, of privilege perpetuated by bullying, empowered by the most sophisticated surveillance and communications technologies in history."

New Right Republicanism champions a populist ethos that flips on its back the Party's traditional favoritism for Big Business.

Blake Masters, who ran for the Senate in Arizona in 2022… Read More »

china watch

Xi Jinping, Irate at Our “Containment” and “Encirclement”, Doesn’t Mention His Infiltration.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken had just restored tentative relations with China, having met with President Xi Jinping for 35 minutes at the Great Hall of the People along Tiananmen Square, when a day later President Biden uttered another of the article illustration
Illustration for a 2020 New Yorker article
"The Future of America's Contest with China"

gaffes for which he is famous. Talks had broken off after China floated a spy balloon across the entire United States at the end of January. At a California fund-raiser, Biden explained that Xi's not even knowing of the existence of the balloon with its "two box cars of spy equipment" was "the great embarrassment for dictators, when they didn’t know what happened“. Calling Xi a dictator is a perfect fit to Michael Kinsley's definition of a gaffe — "when a politician tells the truth" — but the Chinese erupted. That they know it's true was betrayed when China's media had difficulty explaining Biden's insult to the Chinese people because "dictator" is a banned word.

Biden's putdown was all to the good, we'd say, as something of a corrective to the groveling posture the U.S. has assumed… Read More »

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