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Republicans Say You Should Believe Their Version of the Truth

Last year's word of the year for Merriam-Webster was "gaslighting". It is still going full force in this year's election season. Politicians and their parties are working to persuade usarticle illustration
to doubt ourselves and come to believe the opposite of what we had supposed to be true.

Mail from The Conservative Caucus asks us to sign and mail back a card thanking former President Trump for saving the Constitution. It reads in part:

"Dear President [sic] Trump
…As a patriotic American I’m appalled and angered by the phony indictments against you. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution based upon the principle of equal justice under the law, not a two-tiered justice system: one for arrogant liberal elites and another for patriotic conservatives."

The Caucus knows that Americans have only short term memory and figures that by now we have forgotten that Mr. Trump tried to subvert, not save, the Constitution when he instigated an attack on the Capitol in his attempted coup to stay in power.

Moreover, claiming the 2020 election stolen, he posted on Truth Social:

"A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”

For Trump, the Constitution is an obstacle.

It's a two-tiered justice system says the card, but it is Trump who has been given extravagant deference by the justice system. Any other citizen who had intimidated court staff, witnesses, or jurists just once, much less Trump's ten offenses; anyone who refused to return classified documents to the government, and for a year and a half; anyone other than Trump would have been behind bars long ago.

Another mailed fund-raiser says "the integrity of our…


AI, the Newest Technology, Is No Help With Climate Change

There are those who say artificial intelligence will lift humankind to unimagined heights. "It's more profound than fire or electricity”, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc. (parent of Google) actually said. Others fret that it will possibly run amok and do us in.

Just how is not explained, but possibly it will get rid of us by quickening climate change because we are learning that AI is a article illustration
ravenous consumer of energy. Rene Haas, chief executive of the U.K. chip design company Arm, thinks that by the end of the decade AI data centers will need as much as 20% to 25% of U.S. power needs.

Estimates vary widely. Some suggest hysteria is setting in. Maryland-based Constellation Energy, which has contracted to supply Microsoft with nuclear energy for its data centers, projects that AI's insatiable need for power could exceed by five or six times the amount needed to charge America's electric…


Still No Fix to Our Most Dangerous Law

Donald Trump expects there to be riotous protests if he is elected and has let it be known that he will, the moment he is inaugurated, invoke the Insurrection Act to bring the American military into the streets of our cities to round up and detain protesters.

To reinforce that this is not his idle musing, you might recall that Trump publicly expressed regret that he did not deploy the Act to quell the unrest after the murder of George Floyd. He further said he would not hesitate to use the act in the future. He is a president who thinks the Constitution is just so many disposable words, saying in 2022 that what he fantasized was a fraudulent 2020 election “allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” Invoking the Act to deploy military rule within the United States would show Putin and Xi that he is just as powerful as they, elevating himself into the exclusive club of the world's dictators to which he has aspired.

the ultimate zombie law

The Insurrection Act of 1807, so named although it dates from even earlier, 1792, has been used responsibly by several presidents. Lincoln in 1861's insurrection in the South; Grant to put down the first Ku Klux Klan in the 1870s; Jackson, Hayes, Grover Cleveland and others, often to intervene in article illustration
U.S. troops in Salt Lake City.

labor disputes (on behalf of employers); Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson during the civil rights movement…

the gaza war

Biden Finally Reacts as Gaza War Arrives at Starvation

In a sudden turnabout, as the war reached the half-year mark, Israel has withdrawn its forces from the southern end of the Gaza Strip and ceasefire talks have resumed in Cairo. Warnings of famine from several organizations, and the killing of seven members of World Central Kitchens, a charity that had brought a shipload of food for the starving population, finally was enough for U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to end months of feckless pleading by issuing an implicit threat that aid to Israel might be in jeopardy:

"Right now there is no higher priority in Gaza than protecting civilians, surging humanitarian assistance, and insuring the security of those who provide it. Israel must meet this moment...If we don't see the changes that we need to see, there'll be changes in our own policy."

Whether the president would actually follow through on that veiled threat is questionable. Having immediately after the Hamas atrocities declared U.S. support of Israel to be "ironclad", he has since had to confront what he called Israel's "over the top" killing of Palestinian civilians and worry about a critical percentage of voters in the…

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The Students, the Media, and the Israel-Gaza War. Comments?

The protests on America's college campuses, at first laudatory for speaking out for the benighted and butchered civilian populace in Gaza, quickly devolved into extremes that told us how little students at even the élite schools know or choose to. Critical thinking, the ability to sort through complexity, is no longer taught apparently. Instead of staying with protests against Israel for its military policy, student factions took up support for Hamas, eliding its barbarian attack of murder and rape of innocent Israeli citizens and the cowardly taking of hostages to bargain with their lives.

Unseen and unreported, their generation had developed an ethos of anti-colonialism in which everyone is either the oppressed or the oppressors. The only Israel they know is its over half a century of occupation of the West Bank, the "open air prison" of Gaza, the article illustration
Students as George Washington University in D.C.

progressing annexation of the West Bank, the increasing attacks of Palestinians by settlers there who sought to drive them out. That, for them, justified the Hamas atrocities.

The students lost the public chanting "from the river to the sea", many seemingly not knowing that means the elimination of Israel. In a memorable interview, a student could not name which river and which sea. Just one student does not a student body make, but one had to think that geographical ignorance was widespread.

From there, the worst possible broke out: antisemitism, with Jewish students afraid to walk their schools' campuses. History's most senseless hatred has lain relatively dormant except for white supremacists and other hate groups, but one had to wonder where was this coming from among the nation's supposedly brightest?… Read More »


Supreme Court Goes All In For Trump

The nation is devoting rapt attention to a trial in New York that will likely end in a hung jury and mistrial and come to nothing. A far more serious "trial" took place in D.C. a week ago in a hearing on presidential immunity that has delayed the Justice Department's four-count criminal indictment against Trump for the attempted overthrow of the 2020 election.

The conservative members of the Supreme Court left no room for doubt that, as in its 2000 Bush v. Gore ruling, they want to decide another election. In 2000 the Court stepped in to halt the Florida vote count, which handed the presidency to George W. Bush. This time they have gone to lengths to make sure it goes to Donald J. Trump.

first, go fast

When the Colorado Supreme Court ruled last December 19th that Trump could be banned from the state's ballots, the U.S. Supreme Court heard that case only 45 days later, which is a sprint for a court that normally goes by geologic time. It reversed Colorado less than a article illustration
month after that on March 4th. That’s two-and-a-half months start to finish to make certain Trump would be on the ballot of all 50 states and territories.

then slow walk

March 4th was also the date Special Counsel Jack Smith's DOJ case against Trump for trying to steal the presidency from Joe Biden was to begin in the D.C. Circuit Court. But Trump and his attorneys asserted that he was entirely immune from prosecution for any action while president, a delaying tactic that paid off handsomely.

When Judge Tanya Chutkan of the D.C. court ruled against, Trump appealed. A three-judge panel of the appellate court unanimously agreed with Chutkan that total immunity was outlandish. The… Read More »

the chosen

article illustration
Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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