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Proof of Police Preying On Civilians

Ferguson report confirms

Readers expressed disbelief of our story titled " Law Enforcement Has a License to Steal from You" which ran last November. It reported the growing criminality of police stopping mostly blacks and Latinos on America's highways, searching their cars, and giving them the choice of signing over everything found in the car or facing arrest. Police departments use the sale of the proceeds to fund their departments. You can find that story here.

Then came the investigative report on the police in Ferguson, Mo., exactly corroborating what we reported. Calling it a culture of "predatory government", the report said that the city's municipal government considered its police department as a kind of "collection agency" to bolster the town's revenue. Offered promotions if they increased their "productivity", cops preyed upon mostly blacks, writing inflated citations such as $427 for disturbing the peace or $102 fines for unmowed lawns. The report called it "predatory government".

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