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Court Papers Bring Trump Fraud Cases Into the Open

There has been a curious imbalance in the media throughout the presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton's e-mail transgressions, under investigation by the FBI, have been a constant topic and daily fare on the Fox News channel. But there has been near silence about the fraud cases against Donald Trump and his purported university. That changed the first day of June. In response to a legal motion filed by The Washington Post, the federal judge hearing the cases unsealed documents from a trio of lawsuits filed by former students claiming that what they got for their money at Trump University was worthless. Front page stories in the Post and The New York Times reported that instructors were required to pressure attendees to sign up for ever more expensive courses, ultimately the $35,000 course that would “teach you better than the best business school”, as a promotional video promised. Times columnist David Brooks on the PBS NewsHour congratulated a newspaper that had come late to the story:
"My newspaper had a good story on the Trump University...And we sort of had the outlines of the story, but I think what was fresh...is the way that professors at Trump University were really pressuring people to get out their credit cards, to get multiple credit cards, to max out their credit cards, just to give all this money to Trump University,...it was the machinations of scamming these people that we learned today."
We say "late" because, if you follow us here, you read a full account of Trump University's scams back in March. It reported on exactly those high pressure sales tactics and the fraudulent claims Trump and company had made, as attested to by former students who say the teachings of how to make money in real estate were a sham. The question is, Why has the media been avoiding this story for so long? Is America about to vote for a crook?
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