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Does Trump Want Iran to Become Another North Korea?

President "decertifies" the six-nation anti-nuclear pact

It was one of his campaign promises — to get rid of "one of the worst negotiated deals of any kind that I have ever seen". Itching to end it, but having acquiesced twice in the past, the president has this time decertified the nuclear stand down agreement with Iran. When did Donald Trump's "base" ever ask for this promise, as well as the long list of hostile actions he will now have the U.S. take against the Islamic Republic?

His national security team has strongly recommended that he keep the U.S. in the
accord. In a statement in September, over 80 disarmament experts urged him to honor the U.S. pledge, calling the agreement a "net plus for international nuclear nonproliferation". The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) nuclear inspectors on site in Iran declared that their latest inspections found no breach of the agreement, no grounds for decertification. All five partner nations that negotiated the deal along with the U.S. — Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia — do not want to renegotiate what is working.

But Donald Trump will have none of it. After all, isn't the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) another of Barack Obama's successes on Trump's demotion list? Based on nothing, no violations, he said as he grudgingly…

tax reform

A Bespoke Tax Plan for the Trump Family

"It's not good for me, believe me", said Donald Trump about the tax plan developed by him and a group of six from the Senate, the House and his administration. From a president infamous for inventing his own reality, this claim dwarfs all that came before. When he said in January, "We are going to be cutting taxes massively", it turns out he meant his own.

what they meant by simplification

To begin, the plan would eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). That is a second way of calculating taxes required of the wealthy to prevent their huge
deductions from wiping out any obligation to pay taxes. Proof enough of how this will hugely benefit the rich is Trump's own tax return of 2005 leaked to the media. He had written off more than $100 million in business failings, mostly paper losses that the White House described as "large-scale depreciation for construction", that led to taxes of only $5 million of his declared income of $150 million when the primary method of computation was used. But the AMT requires high earners to test whether they owe more via its secondary method. Its worksheet backs out deductions and computes taxes on a formula that had Trump pay $38 million instead of $5 million. It is not hard to see why Trump and the wealthy in general want to get rid of the AMT. Trump plans to serve himself and others in his bracket this enormous windfall.

rates at random

Corporate taxes will be its own subject and one for intense debate over the…


Is Global Warming Causing Extreme Weather? Not in Trump World

The lethality and destruction of two monstrous hurricanes with Maria in their wake has brought the subject of climate change to the fore, bolstering the argument that global warming is the cause of these storms and man is the major contributor to global warming.

That's not what climate scientists say, however, although many may privately
think so. James Hansen, formerly NASA, now at Columbia University, and who sounded the early warning in the 1980s calls them out for the "scientific reticence" that gives the more outspoken skeptics the upper hand in persuading the America public. No one storm can be linked to warming as its cause, scientists prudently say, because there is no proof. But the believers find it imprudent to wait for proof.

But then came Harvey, adjudged to be the most extreme rain event in America's experience — 51.9 inches in one area of Texas. Irma, with winds at sea of 175 miles an hour, was the most powerful storm ever measured at sea. And Maria has followed suit.

Understandably fixated on the non-stop coverage of the catastrophic storms, …

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It Doesn’t Take Absolute Power to Corrupt Absolutely

Tom Price and others living big on our dime

How does the average citizen grasp the workings of the mind of Tom Price, the disgraced and now former Secretary of Health and Human Services? How many transformations would we have to undergo in order to reach a state of mind so corrupted with self-importance as to think oneself deserving of private jets and military transports just to ferry oneself about to this or that meeting at exorbitant cost to the nation?

One doesn't charter a private jet unconsciously. Nor decide that military personnel and aircraft should be commandeered instead of booking a commercial flight.
Tom Price: Out

It takes a belief that one has gone beyond the rest of us and is entitled to out payment of tribute — in this case, our taxes. In contrast, Kathleen Sebelius and Sylvia Matthews Burwell, the two secretaries of HHS under Barack Obama, flew commercially while in the continental United States during their combined eight years.

Yet in the brief span of seven and a half months, Price ran up a tab that might be as high as $1 million, accordingly to reporting from Politico, whose investigative reporter, Rachana Pradhan, broke the story by a stakeout watching Price come and go on private aircraft at Dulles. Price has offered to repay "his share" which he seems to think is only…


DACA Youths Betrayed, and With So Many Lies

In a singularly cruel act that so befits this cold-hearted man, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, giving some 800,000 young people notice that they must leave the country beginning six months from now unless Congress passes a law allowing them to stay.

Speaking at the Justice Department, Sessions made the announcement, Breakthrough Broken: Oct 11: This update space earlier reported that the President had reached a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, minority leaders of the Senate and House respectively, whereby the DACA youth would stay in return for tightened border security — but not the wall, not yet.
Now Trump has gone back on his word, under the howls of the anti-immigrant bigots of his base and, we'll assume, Stephen Miller, dreaming up so many conditions as to make any deal impossible. So the 800,000 are now hostage to these White House sociopaths; there is not other word for them.

fulfilling his cherished anti-immigrant dream by destroying that of the "dreamers", so called for the Dream Act, the bill that never…

election redux

Another Reason Hillary Lost: Trump Had a Secret Weapon

The weapon was and is a 41-year-old bearded Kansan who towers over 6'2" Donald Trump named Brad Parscale. When interviewed by Lesley Stahl on CBS's "60 Minutes" in early October,
Parscale with the President

some of the techniques he divulged about his work as digital director of the Trump campaign had the seasoned Ms Stahl reacting with "Whoa, wait a minute!" and "You're kidding".

Working out of his house in San Antonio, he says he was eating a ham and cheese omelet at IHOP in 2010 when he got an e-mail entirely out of the blue — Could he please call the Trump organization. Jared Kushner needed a website for the real estate business. Work continued for the family. Then in 2015 he was told, "Donald Trump is thinking of running for president. We need a website in 2 days". He was low bidder at $1500 and won. By the end of the campaign he had a hundred employees, was running data collection, advertising, and digital fund raising and $94 million passed through his company, much of paying for ads, says Stahl.

and his weapon?

"I understood early that Facebook was how Donald Trump was going to win". Barack Obama used Facebook in 2012 but its stepped up technology had since become more precise in differentiating people by their natures and preferences. "Facebook now lets you go to places possibly that you'd never go with TV ads, Parscale said. "Now I can find 15 people in the Florida Panhandle that I would never buy a TV commercial for." To learn how to find those individuals, Facebook staff "were embedded inside our offices" at Trump headquarters. That was the revelation that brought "Whoa, wait a minute!" from Stahl.

"They were embedded in your campaign?"

"Google employees and Twitter employees. They were there multiple days a week three-four days a week, two days a week, five days…".

"What were they doing inside…?"

"Helping teach us how to use their platform. I asked each one of them by e-mail, I want to know every single secret, button, click, technology you have. I want to know everything you would tell Hillary's campaign plus some, and I want your people here to teach me how to use it".

Lesley asked how did Parscale know…

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