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Trump Purging Whoever Challenges His Administration

Especially not dinner parties hosted by the Pompeos

Last July, immediately after Robert Mueller's feckless performance before Congress laid to rest his report two years in the making, Donald Trump declared to an audience of young people, "I can do anything I want as president of the United States". He set about employing that doctrine the very next day with the call to the Ukrainian president that led to his impeachment and went on to expand its scope. He ordered the White House to turn over not a single document to Congress in the
        Steve Linick                  Kristi Grimm                   Glenn Fine             Michael Atkinson

impeachment proceedings, disallowed anyone from his administration to testify (a few defied that order), and straight-armed all attempts by Congress to exercise its constitutional role of oversight of the executive branch.

Lately he has decided there should be no oversight within his administration, either. He has now fired the inspectors general of four departments, the latest — once again under cover of a Friday night, at odds with braggadocio about his power — being Steve Linick, the IG of the State Department. The first report said that Linick had been looking into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo using departmental staff to run personal errands — e.g., "walk his dog, pick up laundry, make dinner reservations for Pompeo and his wife", said NBC News. New York Democratic Representative Eliot Engle then spoke up to say, "[The IG's] offce was investigating — at my request — Trump's phony…

the presidency

Worries Mount That an Autocratic Trump Threatens Our Democracy

Donald Trump was confident that the booming economy for which he takes credit will bring him re-election in November. Then Covid-19 struck. Not only is the economy so suddenly devastated by lockdown, with the unemployed percentage

nearing that of the 1930s Great Depression, but he is undergoing severe criticism for his slow response and blame for the added deaths resulting.

He is pressing to "open" the country, held back only by his medical experts, with the risk that the pandemic could rage on,. Guidelines for a phased restoration have been announced. He seems to think enough economic health can be restored by November for voters to reward him a second term. But should that hope dim, there is increasing worry about what he might do to stay in office.

He has long expressed admiration of authoritarian heads of other governments able to run their countries free of constraints: Russia's Putin, China's Xi, Egypt's Sisi,…


With the U.S. in Dire Straits, China Thinks This Is Their Moment

You had best believe that many in China's leadership are quietly musing that the U.S. failure to stem the pandemic that has shattered its economy has delivered to Beijing so much simpler a weapon to bring

America to its knees than any military confrontation for which it has been preparing. China's businesses are opening, people are returning to their jobs, they are even exporting medical protective gear to the U.S. In contrast, with millions thrown out of work at companies that may never re-open, the U.S. may be looking at the second Great Depression.

the china model

China wants the world to look to them where it once looked to the United States. It hopes to make the case that its performance in the face of the pandemic compared to the weeks of bungled response by the United States is proof that its authoritarian model is more successful. While the U.S. struggles, China has embarked on a vast propaganda…

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Michael Flynn: A Man Wronged or Justice Gone Wrong?

Reaction to the Justice Department dropping all charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump's first national security adviser, immediately split across the political divide where those on the right who say say Flynn was entrapped by the corrupt FBI faced off against those on the left who say erasing guilty
pleas is the latest proof that the Justice Department has become corrupt.

It's a much broader story. Read on.

Upon announcement, President Trump tweeted, “Yesterday was a BIG day for Justice in the USA. Congratulations to General Flynn and many others". He pronounced Flynn "exonerated". Trump's tweet continued, "I do believe there is MUCH more to come!” That looks to be advance notice that Trump and his attorney general, William Barr, plan to undo every indictment filed by Robert Mueller and company with pardons coming for Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos and others deemed loyal.

Trump declared that his former aide had been “an innocent man” all along. He accused the Obama administration of targeting Flynn, for which there is no evidence, and said, “I hope that a big… Read More »


What’s “Obamagate”? Just Ask the President

In the Rose Garden press briefing, May 11:

Phillip Rucker of The Washington Post: What crime exactly are you accusing President Obama of committing, and do you believe the Justice Department should prosecute him?

Trump: Obamagate. It's been going on for a long time. It's been going on from before I even got elected and it's a disgrace that it happened and if you look at what's gone on and if you look at now all of this information that's being released and from what I understand, that's only the beginning. Some terrible things happened and it should never be allowed to happen in our country again. And you'll be seeing what's going on over the next, over the coming weeks and I wish you'd write honestly about it but unfortunately you choose not to do so.

Rucker: What is the crime exactly that you are accusing him of?

Trump: You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody.

Got it!


How Fox News Handled Trump’s Disinfectant Gaffe

The day after President Trump mused about disinfectant injections and interior light as cures for Covid-19, he tried to make it go away, saying he was just being "sarcastic". It was not the first time the president, esteemed as a television adept, seemed to forget that he stages his daily briefings precisely to be on television, that they are recorded, that they are then played back endlessly on news… Read More »

essential services

Trump Makes His Move to Cripple U.S. Postal Service

Your mail box will grow cobwebs if he pursues demands

First President Trump said the U.S. Postal Service must quadruple its rates for package delivery if it expects to get the $10 billion line of credit voted by Congress as coronavirus relief. Expecting a $13 billion loss

from the pandemic, the Service says it will not be able to operate beyond September if it does not receive the funds authorized in the $2 trillion Cares Act, monies that the Trump administration now says it will hold hostage. Now, to force the rate changes, Mr. Trump has named his own man to be the new head of the Postal Service. Credentials? He is a major donor to his election campaign and to the Republican National Committee.

The pandemic has reminded us that we like getting mail, that the workers who process it into our mailboxes from all over the country and the world are essential, along with
Steve Sack, Start Tribune

grocery clerks, farm workers, pharmacists, medical personnel —… Read More »

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