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Trump Tries to Make Russia Contacts About Leaks, Not Treason

With each day, more revelations

Discoveries leading to the firing of Donald Trump's National Security Adviser three weeks into his presidency have exposed a much wider story alleging extensive and mystifying contacts with Russia by not just
Former National Security
Adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn

his adviser, General Mike Flynn, but also by members of his campaign across all of last year. Even if a case can be made that familiarization contacts with other countries by a candidate's staff is sensible, why only Russia? And why Russian intelligence? Clearly, something is very wrong with this picture.

The administration has tried to deflect attention away from the Russia connection by making it a problem of leaks. In his lengthy news conference two days after Flynn was discharged, President Trump put forth the baffling contradiction that "classified information was given illegally" to the media, implicitly endorsing the validity of the information, yet the reporting of the leaked information about "Russia is fake news; this is fake news put out by the media".

He continued his campaign to discredit the media as dishonest, a crusade that probably succeeds among those who don't read or watch that media to know how much more persuasive are its facts compared to his tweets. They only hear him say to reporters sitting before him about "This whole Russia scam that you are building so that…


Obamacare: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Repeal

"They don't know what to do", says Schumer. He' s right

With control of both houses and a president to match in the White House, Republicans took first steps to sooth a seven-year itch: “The ‘Unaffordable’ Care
Act will soon be history!”, Donald Trump tweeted days before his inauguration.

But the dog that caught the bus soon became the cliché of the moment as Republicans began to realize they were not careful what they had wished for. After all the years since Obamacare was enacted, they have no "replace" to go along with "repeal". How, then, can they sell their base on a repeal that cannot dare do anything of the sort? "Pulling the rug" from under the millions who now have the…

the presidency

The Russian Connection: Will Congress Do Its Job?

It is a scandal that alleges the Trump campaign and transition team may have colluded with Russia over the American election, and then may have pledged the removal of new sanctions just imposed against Russia for tampering with our election. Yet House Republicans are content to act as accomplices by doing nothing.

Jason Chaffetz (R-Ut), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, issued 70 subpoenas in his investigation of Hillary Clinton's email — and issued them after the head of the FBI announced that no activity had reached the level of prosecutable malfeasance. Yet now that his own party is accused of secretly collaborating with the Russian government for reasons that need to be discovered, Chaffetz fends off any suggestion that his committee conduct oversight because with Gen. Mike Flynn's resignation, “The situation has taken care of itself”.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca) was on the Trump transition team. He thinks it is the leaks that should be investigated, rather than whatever dealings Flynn and other contacts had…


Day One: Kneecapping the Affordable Care Act

On his first full day in the White House, Donald Trump signed an executive order that effectively told all federal agencies to be lax on enforcing provisions of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as ObamaCare. That could lead to expanded waivers as tax time nears, reducing the number of people required to pay penalties for not buying insurance. It could mean the health department tipping off insurers that it won't object to lessening coverage provisions in their policies to reduce costs. By law, those waivers can be applied for only in certain periods during the year, and minimum coverage features are baked into the…

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Psychiatrists Say Trump “Dangerous” and “Untreatable” »

They're overriding ethics rules out of concern for country

"Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president", said John D. Gartner, both a practicing psychotherapist and an
instructor of psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School. Quoted in U.S. News just after the inauguration, his diagnosis is that the American President is possessed of not simply a narcissistic personality disorder, but is in the grip of "malignant narcissism", a more serious level which they say is incurable.

One psychotherapist's opinion does not necessarily make it so, especially with a "patient" viewed from afar, but others have come forth. Gartner started an online petition titled "Mental Health Professionals Declare Trump is Mentally Ill and Must Be Removed" which so far has the signatures of more than 26,000 who declare themselves to be mental health professionals. The petition cites the 25th Amendment as the procedure for removing an incapacitated president from office.

Alarmed by Barry Goldwater's…


Shouldn’t We Be Concerned About the President’s Behavior?

We review three episodes from his first week

You know about Donald Trump's claims of millions of illegal votes costing him the popular vote. You've heard him insist those were record crowds at his inaugural. And you may be aware of the embarrassing speech at CIA that he called a home run. Since then, a blizzard of actions by Trump and his administration has already displaced those events in the headlines, but before they vanish, we think we should delve into these episodes because they exhibit such abnormal behavior that they arouse the fear that America has elected as its president someone with acute mental disabilities.

Vote eerily and vote often

Winning the presidency by the Electoral College was not enough. For Trump, obsessed with winning, Hillary Clinton having taken the brass ring of the popular vote was infuriating. The world is aware of this tweet of November 27:

Three million is the number Trump then adopted, a number that would wipe out Hillary Clinton's 2.8 million popular vote lead. At times the number became five million. Three days after his inauguration he…

terror war

Trump Team’s Offhand Approval Leads to First Military Blunder

Deciding over dinner

"On January 6th there was an interagency deputies meeting. The deputies recommended at that time that they go ahead. It was so easily approved it was sent straight up" to then-President Obama. That was Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying that the Trump team had ok'd an assault on an al Qaeda outpostDuring Raid What Was President Doing? Feb. 24: He never went to the situation room to observe the attack. Huffington Post worked back the timeline to find that during the 50-minute firefight which cost the life of a Navy SEAL and wounded four other SEALs, the President was tweeting. He wanted so tell us about an interview on The Brody File that night that we should all 'Enjoy!'

in Yemen that had been thoroughly planned and ok'd by Obama's team.

“Not what happened,” was Colin Kahl's tweeted response to Spicer's apparent attempt to shift blame. Kahl is now a professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He was deputy assistant to President Obama and national security adviser to Vice-President Biden. Most important, he was in the room January 6th.

In a television interview , Kahl related that months ago the Pentagon had asked the White House for expanded authority to conduct raids against the… Read More »

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