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Say Goodbye to the Internet As We Know It »

The FCC is handing control to corporate America Dec 18 2017

Few topics of government policy spur outrage, but don't mess with my Internet is one. The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has upended yet another popular Obama administration policy by turning control of the Internet over to the corporations that provide access, allowing them to do with it as they please.

In just the week after the plan was announced by FCC
chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC received more than 200,000 phone calls in protest.… Read More »

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How Fox News Handled Trump’s Disinfectant Gaffe »

Apr 30 2020

The day after President Trump mused about disinfectant injections and interior light as cures for Covid-19, he tried to make it go away, saying he was just being "sarcastic". It was not the first time the president, esteemed as a television adept, seemed to forget that he stages his daily briefings precisely to be on television, that they are recorded, that they are then played back endlessly on news… Read More »


The Nightly Histrionics at Fox »

Apr 23 2019

Right wing media has ridiculed Rachel Maddow in particular for her yearlong pursuit of Trump collusion nightly on her MSNBC program, the cable channel that vainly tries to go up against the much larger audience watching Fox News. For her trying to prove
Tucker Carlson

Trump guilty of "treason", "collusion", and "conspiring with the Russians", she "has been a hero of her own spy thriller", says Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, the conservative magazine started by William Buckley.

No question that MSNBC's views
Sean HannityRead More »


Fox News Fakes the News on North Korea »

Mar 12 2018

Donald Trump has scored a coup in bringing about a peace offering from North Korea's Kim Jong-un, but wouldn't you know, the liberal media have heaped nothing but scorn on this breakthrough. That's the Fox News take.

Given the past history of deceit by North Korea, all media coverage of course had to be a mixture of promise and circumspection. But prime time stars Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both showed short clips from rival shows carefully selected to… Read More »

press freedom

Donald Trump’s Problem With the First Amendment »

Jan 29 2018

Donald Trump's mission is to destroy America's confidence in a free press and replace it with his own fabulist imaginings. He works to erode the credibility of
our core democratic institutions. Our criminal justice system is "a joke", and "a laughing stock". Our electoral system was "rigged" when it seemed he would lose, and we will hear that again this year if Democrats gain. He uses the language of Joseph Stalin to call… Read More »