Let's Fix This Country


The United States is beset with a multitude of problems, aggravated by a divisiveness unequaled in our lifetimes. Let’s Fix This Country looks at the ways the nation has lost its way and tries to come up with notions of what might best be done. It is a volunteer effort — an experiment in citizen journalism — with no party or organizational affiliation, no outside funding.

It was originally intended to be a group effort, but it looked too much like work and others, who had collaborated in an earlier effort on environment, wimped out. So Let’s Fix has wound up being written by one person. I am Stephen Wilson, currently living in western North Carolina, but with a
I no longer wear ties

diverse enough knowledge of the country, having lived in New England, New York (City), California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, plus travel to close to all 50 states. Also lived two years in Amsterdam, and traveled to a score of other countries.

I was originally headed to journalism, but the siren call of foreign (business) adventure lured me off course, so this is something of a working out of a long held compulsion to speak out and hopefully inform.

So — no special credentials, but my view is that reporting (provided it’s honest) should stand on its own merit no matter who wrote it.

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