Let's Fix This Country


The United States is beset with a multitude of problems, aggravated by a divisiveness unequaled in our lifetimes. Let’s Fix This Country looks at the ways the nation has lost its way and strives to come up with common sense proposals for what might best be done. It is written entirely by volunteers — just a gathering of concerned citizens like yourselves, alarmed by all that has gone wrong.

We don’t do original reporting; we lack the resources. We research broadly, pulling together our findings from many sources to bring you comprehensive summaries. No “aggregating”. All writing is original. Our point of view is strictly independent. We may come down on one “side” or the other, but only because in our view it offers the best ideas or solutions, irrespective of parties or ideologies.

If enough of us come together, maybe — just maybe — we might make a difference. We ask that you join us. We hope you click “Subscribe” at the top of this page to receive our weekly notices of what we have that’s new.

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