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The Great Congressional Yard Sale

This land isn't your land First there was a 228-119 vote in the House of Representatives that declared that the amount of land held in trust by the federal government for the people of the United States "is far too large" and should be reduced because that would lead to "increased resource production", which clearly means oil and gas drilling and minerals excavation.

Then the Senate went the House one better. In a move without precedent, prior announcement, or public debate, much less public awareness, the senators voted 51 to 49 to get rid of all of it. They voted that all federal land other than the national parks and monuments should be put up for auction and sold.

Both were non-binding resolutions, but they made clear that the Republican-controlled Congress is intent on transferring the ownership of America to the major corporate sponsors that pay for their election campaigns.

1 Comment for “The Great Congressional Yard Sale”

  1. Tom

    These leaders always have a good idea. But, then they screw it up with (bait and switch). They should only allow land sales to individual tax paying US Citizens. If it doesn’t go to them, then it doesn’t go. Remember that we are the United States, and not America.

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